Retail is the leading employer across Ontario – Retail is driving Ontario’s economic growth.

  • 754,000 people are employed in the retail industry. (We are Ontario’s largest private sector employer.)
  • In 2017 Ontario retail sales reached $202 billion.
  • Retail capital expenditures are $2.3 billion.
  • There are more than 51,400 retail locations with employees in Ontario.

This election is an opportunity for every retailer to make sure that members of the next provincial government understand the role that Retail plays in the lives of the people of Ontario and in our economy.

RCC has created a pre-written letter to make sure your elected officials understand the impact of retail on their community and how they can support our sector.

If we don’t speak up we can’t expect action.

All you need to do is:
Click here to use our communication election tool to send a pre-designed letter to your outlined constituency. Enter your postal code, fill out your information, and the tool will send your letter to the correct candidate(s) for you.


Ontario’s recent changes to the Employment Standards Act negatively impacted retailers by raising wages too quickly and increasing administrative burden in such areas as unfair method of calculating hours for the payment for holiday pay.

Ontario’s Tax regime has become less competitive – especially with the recent US tax changes. The current regime reduces the ability of retailers in Ontario to operate efficiently and compete with businesses based in other jurisdictions.

Consumers, through retail stores, contributed an estimated $375 million in Ontario in product stewardship eco-fees – and this figure could rise to over $1 billion in the next few years. Retailers want to make sure that we have the ability to ensure the product stewardship system is run efficiently and effectively to control the cost of consumer products while protecting Ontario’s environment and continuing to provide the best environmental outcomes.